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Should you be afraid of your smart phone?

Should You be afraid of your smart phone?

The short answer: Yes, enough so that you’d take every precaution possible to reduce your exposure to its EMF (Electro Magnetic Field).

Why so? The key issue is penetration: When you are exposed to a source of EMF, the waves of energy can go just past the skin or go right through you, it is therefore no surprise that EMF’s can affect every organ in the body and cause damage on a cellular level, by causing “oxidative stress”. That basically means you’d have a mismatch between free radicals and antioxidants, which in turn can damage DNA, triggering cancer or just causing unexplained fatigue.

Other symptoms may include anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, headaches, memory impairment, nausea, heart palpitations and sleep disturbance.

You see, your body uses electrical impulses for many purposes (e.g. thinking, conveying sensory information, initiating muscular movement and controlling heartbeats).

Even the chemical processes that go on in our cells, blood and bodily tissues, which we don’t normally think of as being electrical in nature, all rely on electrical charges inside the body for their proper function.

An external EMF that creates electric currents within your body can, and does, interfere with many biological processes.

Increasingly common is a condition called EHS (electrohypersensitivity), which is caused by EMF disturbing immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, as well as by impairing the bodies tissue repair processes.

Back to your smart phone:

People who start mobile phone use before the age of 20 have 5 times greater a risk to develope glioma, the most deadly type of brain cancer.

Children are worse off because of:

  • Higher radiation exposure due to a thinner skull bone
  • Their cells dividing more quickly, making them more susceptible to DNA damage
  • Their relatively immature immune system
  • Their greater potential for lifetime exposure

What to do about it?

  • Keep your children (and yourself) away from mobile or cordless phones as long as possible, and once they use them, advise them to always use the speaker phone function and get ear buds with cables, not the blue tooth kind, which increases EMF yet further.
  • Use a protective cell phone cover, which may reduce radiation by up to 90%.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using phones without such cases.
  • Avoid living near mobile towers and high-power electrical lines.
  • Avoid schools installing wireless networks (keep computers hardwired).
  • Encourage auto-off switches for mobile phones when not in use.
  • Use landline corded phones telephones whenever possible.
  • Avoid or limit use of cordless phones and other wireless devices, wireless toys and especially baby monitors, wireless internet, wireless security systems, “Alexa” or whichever other smart home system.
  • If you have to have wireless internet, at least get a timer so it will automatically turn off at night.

Your Health For Sale: The Imminent 5G Rollout

Your Health For Sale: The Imminent 5G Rollout

Folks, I know this is a stark title, but the occasion calls for it.

Please take 9 minutes of your valued time to watch this video, Prof. Pall presenting before the NIH:

Now I know he is not the most engaging speaker, but what he had to say was mind boggling.

After watching it, consider signing the petition to stop 5G before it’s to late: