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Patient Information

Let's prepare for your first appointment

Thank you for choosing Thrive Clinic. The following links will take you into our online New Patient forms and also our Electronic Medical Record system.

Complete these forms and assessments

Please set aside 15-20 minutes to fill in your Health Assessment and submit as soon as possible. Dr. Sievert must have these at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment so that he can adequately prepare.

Please register yourself in our secure Online EMR so that we may have your account set up prior to your first appointment.

Read over and complete these documents

Things to Keep in Mind

  • On the day of your appointment please bring any prescriptions or supplements you are taking.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • We recommend that you continue to consult with a primary care provider in addition to the care you receive from The Thrive Clinic.
  • While Dr. Sievert does not accept insurance, we will provide you with a document that can submit to your carrier for reimbursement out of network after you have met your deductible.
  • This does not guarantee reimbursement, so we recommend calling your carrier beforehand to find out what will or will not be reimbursed and if you need a referral from your PCP.
  • IMPORTANT Note for Medicare patients:
    • Dr. Sievert will accept Medicare patients, but due to their billing guidelines, appointments cannot be submitted for reimbursement.
    • This includes the secondary insurance as that will only apply if a claim to Medicare was submitted first.
    • Why Can’t I Submit to Medicare for Reimbursement?