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Health Coaching

A Note from Your Health Coach

My role as your health coach is to help you implement the direction from Dr. Sievert and tailor his plan for you. We will understand past habits and lifestyle choices that brought you to this place. We will then create a plan and put systems in place that are tailored to you. It sounds like it can be overwhelming, but it will not be. All it takes are small shifts that compound over time, all building a healthy lifestyle where you can thrive.

We will focus on the pillars of health; nutrition, sleep, exercise, hydration, stress, and emotional health. These are overlooked areas but have the biggest impact on overall health.

I have been in your spot; I found the Functional Medicine space after conventional medicine could not help my family. Once we were set on that path to wellness, it was very eye-opening, and there was no turning back.

I have spent the past 30 years in the fire service helping people when they are having the worst day of their lives. I have seen people fall into the sickness vortex and never get better. They manage the symptoms until another ailment arises.

I knew I wanted to continue to help people once I transitioned out of my fire service career. I wanted to stop putting the “band-aid” on their sickness and wanted to show people a path to wellness. I completed the Institute of Integrated Nutrition’s health coaching program and am committed to helping people change their lives.

I draw from my experiences dealing with patients and the healthcare system, knowing how difficult it is to navigate. I have spent years teaching, listening, and mentoring members of my crew. I have been in your shoes going through the process and implementing changes in my life to become the best I can be. I have been there and know how difficult it can be.

This is not a “one size fits all” journey, it takes time to find out what will work for each individual. It is not the destination, it is the journey where you find health and happiness.

Matt Wiberg

For those suffering from Insomnia and mood disorders Dr. Sievert strongly recommends:

Rooster Wellness

Rooster Wellness specializes in helping you apply Circadian biology to your lifestyle to manage your stress, improve your sleep, and optimize your energy levels throughout the day. By incorporating light management in your wellness routine, you can compound the positive effects of a healthy diet and exercise regimen and achieve better mitochondrial function. Schedule a 1-on-1 virtual consultation today to learn more!