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Epigenetics: Why you should care

Epigenetics, Why you should care

Epigenetics: as a simplified definition, is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Discovery of epigenetic mechanisms is the reason we now believe your fate, when it comes to health, is more nurture than nature, which means it is in your power to stay or get healthy and you are not, as we were previously taught, a victim of your genetic determinants – about which there was little you could do.

We can’t control all the factors in our environment, but we can take action in some areas with great impact, one of these being the toxic world we all now live in.

Here is an action plan to reduce your personal exposure:

  • As a general rule keep your eyes open and question everything you put in or on your body, store in your home or share in your workspace and neighborhood.
  • Get an air filtration system with both a HEPA and a carbon filter (to filter out VOC’s).
  • Get rid of all scented candles, air fresheners and chemical sanitizers. Remove anything that produces an odor.
  • Get the carpet out and install wood floors without adhesives. Paint with zero VOC products.
  • Use natural laundry products and avoid the toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Go to www.ewg.org to learn about safer alternatives.
  • Buy natural furniture without varnish or get used furniture that has already off gassed.
  • Open windows frequently because indoor air is usually worse than outdoor.

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